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660(#1) Nowshin

Designed to be a customized leaf blower/vacuum cleaner that can create massive windstorms capable of blowing away leaves and other vegetation and she can also suck in almost anything in sigh, whether it be a watch, a missing earring, a sock, a book, or even a watermelon; the top is also removable so you can empty her out of all of the contents she has managed to suck into her belly and even try to find that missing earring you lost a week ago.

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Description/Other Information:
Nowshin is a black and brown cross between Butter and Phoon, with long, curved tusks used for carrying heavy objects, a long trunk used for sucking and blowing away objects, a set of four wheels substituted for legs, a thin tail with a fork-shaped tip, and a handle latched on her spine as well as a switch on her side reading "Sucking" to flip it up and "Blowing" to flick it down.

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