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Johanna is designed to be a highly skilled and efficient police officer with a more aggressive, mean and ferocious streak than Naomi and she is ten times more ruthless and determined than Vivian.

She is ten times more destructive and chaotic than Leroy and Stitch combined and has even more intelligence than Naomi, Bonnie, Angel, Leroy, Vivian, and Hope combined.

Besides inheriting the ferociousness and physical and fighting prowess of Naomi, Johanna is also more calculating, crafty and shrewd as Vivian, just as levelheaded and toughness as Hope, more intelligent and sophisticated than Bonnie, as seductive and sensual as Angel, and ten times more aggressive, brutal and violent as Leroy and even Stitch.

Johanna's other abilities include quick reflexes, enhanced senses, super speed/agility, durability, stamina, and she is also a master mixed martial artist who is skilled in nearly all of the mixed martial arts of the world.

Johanna is so destructive and reckless as a matter of fact that she can create even more disorder and pandemonium than any of Jumba's best experiments put together and she is even stronger and more powerful than Hope and any of the best police officers ever trained and summoned in the entire country.

She also speaks with a thick, growly New York-South Boston accent.

One True Place:

Description/Other Information:
She is described as a slender, statuesque, yet muscular ebony black experiment with a physically well built body and she has rounded, bulbous, slim ears with long, dangling, thin antennae shaped like "J"; she also has dark raven hair dangling from her shoulders with fluffy fringes hanging from her forehead with the ends rolled up into little curls that were luminescent of the 60's or 80's.

She also has dark Prussian blue eyes with little eyelashes, heavy, sulky, brooding eyelids, sunken, pronounced high cheekbones and a somber, grim yet dark expression. Johanna also has a wriggling cat-like tail with four arms, a pure white underbelly and white muzzle.

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