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680(#1) Night-Glider

He is designed to emit microwaves from his mouth to detect enemy aircraft in night skies and convert them into hyper beams to destroy them; his abilities include excellent stealth, the ability to maintain and lower his temperature to avoid being spotted by infrared vision, being heat resistant, water resistant, radar-proof, (meaning that he is unable to be seen in radar by most aircraft since the electromagnetic waves pulsating from his body are too weak to be detected), super speed, electro-insulative resistant, (meaning that he is highly resistant to electricity and he can easily direct any electric beam or lightning back towards his target after being hit, nuclear resistant, and he has infrared and radar vision.

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Description/Other Information:
Night-Glider is a cross between a night fighter, a bald eagle and a prenegrine falcon; he is a black and white male with white stripes all over his wings and crest; his wings are flat, smooth and wide and so is his crest; he even has black eyes and he runs on electricity.

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