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686(#1) Honker

Designed to eat all of your leftover food; her other basic functions include being useful as a spray can to emit all kinds of liquids, including water and paint, and she can also spill contents out of her mouth into the trash.

Honker is also an excellent jumper who can jump as far as a toad and she loves to play honky tonk music through her mouth; she also sounds like a bicycle horn and is extremely helpful for people that are full, extremely slow eaters or who tend to throw away their food because they are in a hurry.

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Description/Other Information:
A anteater/lemur/dog-like female experiment with short, floppy, flat dog-like sapphire ears, a bicycle horn-like tail with a sapphire tip, a bicycle horn-like mouth with no nose, light blue minute and tiny turquoise eyes, an antenna with a sapphire tip, six arms, a sapphire underbelly, and flat, rectangular duck-like feet.

She has a very carefree, happy and go-lucky personality and she loves to play music while taking a stroll through the neighborhood; she also likes to play around and annoy people by beeping in their ears.

However, if they bother her in any way, she will retaliate by making an especially loud and powerful supersonic blast more powerful than Yaarp's or spray anything in her stomach at them.

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