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254Mr. Stenchy

Designed to be a ticking stink bomb. (Does so by releasing a fowl odor.)

One True Place:
On Pleakley's home planet,where his smell is considered a rare and valuable perfume. He possible returned later to Earth. Was seened in Leroy and Stitch & Stitch's Cousins of The Final Battle War Experiments The Movie

Description/Other Information:
A light pink experiment with a big head with big blue eyes, puffy antennae and a small hair and small body. Designed to be very cute so people will like him and bring them into their houses, spaceships etc. so he can then make those places smell horrible. He is programmed to start stinking 48 hours after being activated. Pleakley and other aliens from Pleakley's planet actually think this experiment's smell is wonderful and use the smell to make perfume.

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