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Primary: Psychic abilities, including telekinesis, creating force fields, hypnosis, teleporting, telephathy, mind reading, invisibility, and creating illusions.

Secondary: All of Stitch and Angel's powers.

One True Place:
With Stitch and Angel.

Description/Other Information:
SiAm are Stitch and Angel's son and daughter. They are conjoined twins, which is pretty unusual since they are different genders. They share a single body with two heads, four arms, and two legs. Their antennae look like Stitch's but are not retractable. Si is the right side twin. He resembles Stitch, except for a large tuft of dark blue fur on his head. Am looks very similar to Angel, the only differences being their antennae and that Am has long dark red hair in a ponytail. She controls the left half of their shared body. They have a white V-shaped crest on their chest. Si also has a notch in the upper part of his right ear, and Am has one on the lower part of her left ear. They were the first experiment to be born live rather than created artificially.

They both like music and play a double-necked guitar. They are the lead singers in a garage band know as The Next-EXs, the other members of which are Lo'ihi (632), Klepto (633), Banshriek (634), and Stinky Jr. (635). Si is impatient and doesn't like to wait around. He prefers to jump into battle often landing him and his sister in trouble. Am has a very high IQ, making her one of the smartest experiments. They don't like to be teased and will attack anyone who does so. They can't sink in water like Stitch because their molecular density is lighter than his. Their favourite sport is soccer. They each have their own favourite pizza toppings. Si likes hot banana peppers, anchovies and sausage on his slices, while Am prefers green peppers, black olives and sun-dried tomatoes. They have the same favourite flavour of ice cream, mint chocolate chip. Si likes to use his mind reading powers to find out his sister's personal thoughts, but this gets him into big trouble. The twins are also skilled with blasters and skateboarding. Normally, they each control their respective body halves, but whenever one of them is asleep, the other gets full control.

Their only weakness is that if they are fighting with each other in battle, they are vulnerable to enemy attacks.

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