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Designed to morph any organism into any other organism. (Does so by touching the "morphee" and changing them into the "morph-wanna be".)

One True Place:
At a costume store.

Description/Other Information:
A small red-pink jelly-like experiment with two arms, two legs, a thin mouth and dark eyes.

Before he can morph an organism into something else, he must see the target organism or a photo of the target once before. Someone who has been morphed keeps their original voice and can only be transformed back by Morpholomew himself.

In the anime Stitch!, it is revealed that Morpholomew can also turn into other people or things himself and imitate their voices perfectly when he transforms into Queen Lilo's daughter Princess Ani. Escically Queen Lilo & Queen Yuna's Families with King Keoni, Queen, Victoria, Jumba, Pleakley, BooGoo, Queen Tigerlily, Other 632 Experiments, and Stitch in Our Future Kingdom Better Other Experiments Again All The Times in Other 632 Other Experiments Again & 20 Years Ago in Future Kingdom Betters' Again Happy The Great Kingdom of All of Us' Other 632 Experiments To The Rescuers are Worked Together Again.

He loves turkey legs.

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