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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to reduce an individual's intelligence by 99% when hit by one of his spikes, leaving them only 1% clever for the next 48 hours.

One True Place:
Hugging (thus taming) truant experiments in Pleakly's E.A.R.W.A.X group, after being given a suit of metal armor to shield them from his spines.

Description/Other Information:
A large dark blue-green porcupine-like experiment with a white belly, a red nose, large black eyes, black claws, a long tail and huge white spikes all over his body.

In one episode of the anime Stitch!, Spike was modified so that his abilities only reduce the victim's intelligence and can by magnified by squeezing his nose. It is also revealed that he has the ability to roll into a ball and launch his spikes while spinning at incredibly high speeds.

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