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Dynamic Drive
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Ultimate female warrior experiment. She can think fast as two supercomputers, lift 4,500 times her weight, is a excellent swimmer, see in the dark, bullet/fire proof, is immune to 627's powers, and is programmed in highly adaptive martial arts. Also she can do the bow and shoot attack. All she has to do is make Stitch's modified karate bow by balancing herself on her head, then spin around upside down as she shoots her back spikes at her enemies. Her spikes immediately grow back after each use. There is one unintended side effect of her super combat programming. Her programming has an unforeseen side effect; Establish authoritarian matriarchy (female dominance). Her weakness includes the inability to fight someone with vast psionic potential.

One True Place:
With her human companion Joshua.

Description/Other Information:
Green colored version of Angel with an extra set of retractable arms and 3 spikes on her back. She has a black and sky blue Thai Chi symbol on her chest. Her height is about halfway between the height of 627 and Stitch.

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