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In it's "light" mode, Nightscream has the ability to heal, purify, and revive others. While in her "dark" mode, she is capable of controlling shadows/darkness and causing death.

One True Place:
After learning to control herself from changing into her dark side, Nightscream goes to live at a secret pond in Hawaii. She keeps the waters purified, and anyone who drinks from it will be healed.

Description/Other Information:
In her light mode, Nightscream looks similar to Angel; however, she has white fur and a purple belly and markings around her eyes. Her tail looks slightly like a flame. She has a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. At the ends of her paws, ears, tail, and antennae, her fur is black. She has four long appendages that protrude from the sides of her head that look slightly like pigtails.

In her dark mode, her colors become reverse (Black coat with white at the ends, her moon and markings around her eyes are silver)

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