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gned to create lightning storms. (Does so by storing large amounts of electricity in his arms that he shoots out of the metal rods embedded in them, the electricity that he emits he fires into rain clouds causing intense lightning storms that go on for days.).

One True Place:
Working at a power plant harnessing lightning as a clean energy source.

Description/Other Information:
You know, with those massive bolts on his biceps, we could call them Boltceps. Get it? "Bolt-Ceps?", I can tell his claws are a very dark shade of blue, but probably glow a lighter shade of blue when he strikes lightning, He looks part crocodile, part gorilla, and part hyrax with nails in his shoulders. I love it, Perfect deign! Reminds me of Frankenstein, Awesome as always, Will there be a werewolf or vampire experiment in the making?, and Very chunky looking fella. It looks like he's on steroids. Or, maybe he had muscle implants.

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