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Designed to invert environmental adaptations. (Does so by dousing his targets in water that causes them to undergo a biological change that makes them suitable to live in the opposite environment to where they currently live).

One True Place:
Helping to support life in the "dead mans cove" an area that is considered inhospitable.

Description/Other Information:
I could probably name Wailmer or Wailord after him. The toe nails are a nice touch. Just like a manatee. You know, I once came up with a whale-like experiment a long time ago. Only he had more detail and was purple with orange stripes and a pink under belly. The blowhole is so that he can douse targets in water not for breathing. Just like the average whale. Lovely Colours. Just like the average Humpback or blue whale should. So What's This One A Basking Shark. A very clever design, to be sure, but I have to ask, what IS Lardo anyway? Obviously there's the blowhole that screams of whale, but the flippers say Liopleurodon and the face just screams elephant seal. Do you think you could design an experiment that looks like a Rhino? Sorry about that It's just that when I think of the size of a double decker, I think of the size of a Stegosaurus. That's all. Yeah, I asked Sketch Lampoon if he could make Lardo look like a marine mammal with blubber, hence the name Lardo, as in Lard. But also, I find him reminiscent to those early whales, such as Dorudon or Protocetus. Also, I find that it's Liopleurodon-like more than slightly alarming considering last night's dream. I was out on the Jurassic seas (near the European islands, I'd wager), and I was paddling around near an island that would probably become part of England one day on nothing but a large tree branch and I was being hunted down by a Liopleurodon mistaking me for an Ophthalmosaurus!

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