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Dynamic Drive
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Designed to travel across the galaxy collecting DNA strands for Jumba to use to create experiments. Has all the powers of Stitch.

One True Place:
He travel across the galaxies (including the Earth with the kauai Island) to collecting percents of DNA and other things. He has a space-shifting shuttle/car/flooting plate to the laboratory, fun room and caravan.

Description/Other Information:
A green, skinny Stitch look-alike with a cream underbelly, inner hand/paw pads, and ears a spiky yellow Mohawk and two prominent fangs jutting from his lower jaw. He also has four arms, three back spines, several very light salmon-colored spines on his head and the ability to speak English. He also dresses in a sleeveless brown jumpsuit. In the PlayStation 2 game Disney's Stitch: Experiment 626 he steals the DNA that Stitch collects for Jumba, mutating into a stronger form. He is both very physical and well-equipped. His weapons include Jet-Pack, Grapple-Gun, rocket-launching Big Gun, and Freeze Gun. He also has the strange ability to mutate when power is charged at most extreme. He had no canon appearance in the series.

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