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He is designed to retrain experiments who have lost or forgotten how to carry out their primary functions, and be a master of all combat skills but failed because thou he know all combat skills he only uses judo (one of them).

One True Place:
His one true place is martial arts acadamy teaching students judo as Kixx's partner in his dojo (sometimes) but is TBA.

Description/Other Information:
Trainer is a slender, tan Stitch-like experiment with green eyes, two stubby antennae with a single ring around each, light brown hair, a white belly and lower jaw, two black-tipped spines on his back and a black, cloth belt around his waist. Trainer is a failed experiment because even though he knows all combat skills he only uses judo.

Trainer was crafted to not only be Jumba's personal trainer in fitness and in martial arts, but also has the ability to retrain Experiments so that they can remember lost functions if such an event occurs. Trainer keeps a karate gi to emphasize his powers, and also tends to keep his eyes shut to keep his mind in zen. However, the strange fact is that while Trainer knows all martial arts, as a key failure to his creation; he only performs judo as a means to protect himself.

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