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Designed to be pure evil (Repented).

One True Place:
Back in his pod form.After reactivation he was turned by Jumba in a good/neutral experiment and live with Stitch on island or floating weightless in space (depends on the occasion).

Description/Other Information:
Looks like Stitch but is red and slightly taller and his head is cone shaped with black claws and toes, tan stomach, inside ears, and around eyes, purple nose, dark eyes. Sports six arms, four back spines, antennae and an extra head. His only weakness is laughter,his arrogance and his hot temper. Recently received an upgrade by Hamsterviel to be able to speak relatively normally. It is theoretically impossible for 627 to be turned good. Has the same powers as 20 different experiments including Sparky [221],Melty [228],Spike [319],Slobber [347],Deforestator [515],Tarantula [522],Slushy [523],Heat [609],Yaarp [613],Plasmoid [617]and Stitch [626]. He cannot sink in water and is twice as destructive as Stitch. Lilo never did name him, so most just refer to him as his number.

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