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628Big Joe

Designed to be super strong and completely indestructible. (Does so by using destructive abilities of all of the previous experiments before him, in order to use certain abilities he grows new limbs and retracts them back into his body when they are no longer necessary).

One True Place:
In dehydrated pod form and activated at an unknow time and named Mamf. An description says: Male A purple and cyan Nosox (204)/caterpillar-like experiment with a Stamen (103)-like face. Designed to make you mamaf and scoff.

Description/Other Information:
This experiment was only seen in pod form at the end of the "Experiment 627" episode of Lilo & Stitch the Series. In Leroy and Stitch was mentioned false as 272,but 272 is Wormhole and also Wormhole mentioned false as 275 the bnumber of Tickle-Tummy who was not mentioned in Leroy and Stitch.

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